Family friendly holidays in Cyprus

Holidays in Cyprus for the whole family!

Travelling to Cyprus

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If you’re planning a family holiday and you’re not sure where to go, you should consider the Republic of Cyprus. Located just off the mainland of Turkey, this Mediterranean island offers a mix of cultures, with influences from both Greece and Turkey. Travelling to Cyprus is easy, and there are several options to choose from. If you are planning to arrive by air, there are two international airports: Larnaca and Paphos. Alternatively, you may arrive by passenger ship or cruise ship at one of the harbours around the island, which include Limassol and Larnaca. Urban, transurban and rural buses make for easy travel around the island, or you may prefer to rent a car to avoid the hassle of waiting at bus stops when you’d rather be exploring the island. Cyprus’s subtropical climate ensures that the weather is warm all year round, and rain mainly falls only in the winter. Average day temperatures are around 22°C from April to November, and rarely drop below 15°C, even in the winter. If you’re looking to pick up some of the local lingo, remember to brush up on your Greek and your Turkish before you go – both languages are spoken on the island! However, since it is such a popular tourist destination, many Cypriots will also speak English.

Where to stay

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The two main regions of the island are Paphos and Larnica, and within these regions there are many resorts to choose from, each offering a different atmosphere. In the Larnaca region, one of the best areas for families is the lively Protaras resort, which boasts a plethora of scenic beaches and a large number of restaurants within walking distance of the sand. There is also the Nissi beach area, which has plenty of souvenir shops and even its own huge waterpark (sure to be a favourite with the kids!). In Paphos you can explore the crumbling ruins, or visit Limassol, the biggest and most lively resort on the island. If you prefer a setting designed especially for families, you might consider a private resort. There are many of these on the island, and some have been specially designed with families in mind. The Riverside Garden resort offers an aqua park, tennis courts, and a children’s playground. There is also a fitness room with a sauna and massage centre for the adults, and a shuttle bus to the beach one mile away. Alternatively, you may consider a luxurious trip to a resort such as Acapulco Beach & Spa. Set in its own private cove, this resort is a perfect place to take children. It offers an aqua park with fantastic water slides, several kids’ clubs, a children’s funfair, and plenty of family activities. These sorts of hotels are perfect for a family holiday, and if you search around you’ll be sure to find something to suit your needs.

Where to play

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As you might imagine, one of the most popular activities on the island is to take a trip to the beach. Most of the beaches in Cyprus are family-friendly, and when you’re not sunbathing on the beautiful white sand or taking a dip in the sea, these beaches have plenty more to offer. Water sports including windsurfing and sailing are popular year-round due to reliable winds and predictable seas. Snorkelling, bungee jumping and deep water fishing are some other family favourites to be found throughout the island. Popular beaches include Konnos Beach and Phinikoudes Beach, both of which have been given the Blue Flag certification. This ensures that water quality, environmental management and safety are all of the highest standard. Beyond the beaches, you can also rent a bike and follow the cycling routes to experience the beauty of the island from a unique viewpoint, or take a hike along one of its marvellous nature routes. There are also several famous archaeological sites, including the Tombs of the Kings and the impressive Kourion Archaeological Site.

Where to eat

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The food on the island mostly follows a Mediterranean theme, taking its main influences from Greece but with a touch of the Middle East. Cyprus is famous for its healthy diet of grains, fresh fruit and vegetables, and high-protein fish. A tradition in Cyprus is to have ‘mezedes’ on feast days and holidays. These are a broad selection of different dishes, from olives and halloumi cheese to kebabs and lamb chops, which are served as small portions alongside wine and other drinks. Beyond the more traditional cuisine, there is an expansive range of restaurants to be found no matter where you are on the island, most of which are within walking distance of the beach, so you will have no trouble finding a restaurant to suit the whole family.