The Doctor’s favourite places to visit

The Doctor’s favourite places to visit in recent years could become yours as well


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The Globe Theatre, London, UK

We all know the place where the Doctor loves to spend most of his time on this planet – and that’s London. It seems like he’s there every other week. It isn’t surprising, because London has so much to offer visitors from another planet, and visitors from this one. One of his most memorable trips in recent years included a visit to the original Globe Theatre. This impressive building, situated on the South Bank of the river Thames, is not the original playhouse built in 1599. It was reconstructed in the same style, and opened to a modern audience, in 1997. However, this doesn’t make the building any less amazing. The Elizabethan architecture is striking and the theatre is an absolute must if you love Shakespeare. Visit to admire the architecture during the day and to enjoy the entertainment in the evening. A perfect combination.

The Statue of Liberty, New York, USA

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Another place the Doctor has spent rather a lot of time recently is New York. Although his reasons may have been more to do with battling aliens and saving the Earth, you can also find a lot to entertain you in this vibrant city that isn’t quite so dangerous. Who can forget the time the Statue of Liberty strode through the New York streets? Even though she can’t do that in real life (and who would want her to?), she’s still an impressive sight, standing tall, holding her torch aloft on Liberty Island – and far less scary. Visits to the island to see the statue up close can only be made by the official ferry. Once there, if you’re feeling fit, you can walk up to the crown, although tickets are limited to this part of the attraction and may need to be booked in advance.

Pompeii, Italy

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It’s true that the Doctor’s visit to Pompeii wasn’t a happy one. It’s also true that a visit to this World Heritage Site, in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, may also send shivers down your spine. This city is remembered by so many because of the death and destruction that took place there in 79 AD and that very fact is the reason why you should visit. If you’re interested in the history of the famous volcanic eruption that swamped the city, this site will immerse you in the past. Much of the site, which was buried for many years, has now been excavated, and there are many buildings to visit. In fact, there is so much to see, that you might wish you had the advantage of time travel to make the day longer.

The Tower of London, London, UK


There may well be secret corridors in the depths of the Tower of London that very few people know about, but they probably don’t house alien technology and a secret division of the British Army. However, the Tower definitely does house the impressive crown jewels and you’re sure to walk past a Beefeater or two, in their iconic red uniforms, as they guard the building. There might also be a few crows present. This famous castle has been many things since it was built during the Norman conquests, including a prison and the home of The Royal Mint. The Doctor certainly knows how to pick interesting locations.

The Empire State Building, New York, USA

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If you go to The Empire State Building expecting to see Daleks roaming the corridors, you’ll be disappointed, but if you go there to see the view, you won’t be. It can no longer claim to be the tallest building in New York, but at 103 three floors high, it is still an impressive sight. There are two observation decks, one on the 86th floor and another on the 102nd (although the higher deck is sometimes closed if it gets too busy). There may be long queues to get your turn on either deck, but the 360-degree views are stunning, and if you pick a good weather day, they will seem to go on forever. Thank goodness the Doctor saved it, so we can all enjoy it for many more years to come.