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Most beautiful destinations in the Mediterranean region

Breathtaking Mediterranean destinations   Djerba, Tunisia Stunning Djerba, an island off south Tunisia, has beautiful beaches and picturesque countryside. According to travel articles, this is “one of the best ecological places in the world.” The island has long been a … more

Infographic: The truth about using gadge...

The ultimate hand baggage cheat sheet

Is there anything worse than being told your hand baggage is too big and you’ll have to check it in? Actually, yes: when you get to your seat and the overhead locker’s already full The world of hand baggage is … more

Seven of the most amazingly remote place...

In  its relatively short history,  mankind  has  proved  itself  capable  of  living  in  almost  any conditions,  not matter how hostile or lonely the environment or location may be. We have developed  major  civilisations  across  our  planet,  and  the  world’s  population  … more

City break packing cheat sheet

Camera Comfortable shoes Smart clothes Plug adapter Active holiday? Cultural holiday? Romantic holiday? Relaxing holiday? Swiss army knife Torch Smartphone with GPS City guide Stylish, non-crease outfit Credit card Massage oil MP3 player plus speakers Perfume/aftershave Sunglasses Sun cream Lip … more

10 places to visit before they disappear...

1. Valley of the Kings, Egypt On the west bank of the River Nile lies a mysterious valley, housing the vast and opulent tombs and temples of Ancient Egypt’s kings and noblemen. There are over 60 tombs in the valley, … more

The hipster’s guide to Berlin

Shoreditch in east London is so 00s, and you can forget the over-gentrified Brooklyn and Portland in the US. Berlin, with its 400+ art galleries, independent DIY ethos and swarm of fixed-gear bikes, is the real hipster mecca. There’s nowhere … more

Incredibly beautiful sunsets from around...

Incredibly beautiful sunsets from around the world that will take your breath away The world is full of wondrous destinations, both far flung and a little closer to home, and you’re already likely to have a list as long as … more